Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pay It Forward!

Hey guys it's been a while since I have taken the time to write a quick blog. I have no excuses to offer. I wanted to quickly drop a few thoughts on the concept I have designed around "Pay It Forward" and how it will help to expose our content to more people. The idea behind it is simple, help those who are helping you. While it can get hard for some users as subscription numbers and video views go up, if you are a constant supporter you will be recognized and rewarded. If a user does not respond within the first hour, don't freak out, some people have lives, and other things that they made need to do, come back in 24hrs and check your inbox. I can't speak for all users, but I do as much as I can to return the support that I receive. If I see you have tweeted/shared via facebook or Google Plus I will be sure to do the same for you on your new video. Or sometimes if there are glitches in the sub boxes and I may have missed an upload that you really wanted me to see, you can always send it to me. I would prefer that you tweet me the link so I can RT and then share, but I will accept pm's on YouTube assuming we are contacts! There is so much I could say about sharing videos and giving each other likes and comments, but I really just wish to draw your attention to my newest upload and you can hear me say exactly what it is I mean, and how I feel.

Pay It Forwardhttp://youtu.be/ZiJUdbbydU0


  1. Total believer in helping out my friends, dude. #PayItForward community is the answer.

  2. Completely agree, great blog Josh!