Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Art Of Being Alone. (online friends)

For me it's as natural as taking a breathe of fresh air. Waking up to absolute silence, and a vast emptiness. Hello! Of course there will be no reply, except for the one in my head saying "there's no one there dude". I wonder what the world is doing at this moment, and if anybody notices I am still in bed? Should I get up today and do something, or just lye here. I log online and surf the net looking for some entertainment. Stumbled upon this place where "you" put your videos on the "tube" and share with other people doing the same. Wow this looks like fun, I sign up and make an account. I make a few videos of my bearded dragon and before I know it, I have 100's of new subscribers and online friends. 4 years and over 175 videos later and the emptiness in my life is gone. If ever I find myself down and out, I turn to this website to be entertained and meet new friends.
   Now the "shot-callers" have taken all we have built away from us. They have forced us to conform to their new style and rules. Many of our unique personalized features are being revoked, making it hard to stand out and be noticed among millions of other users. We no longer have the ability to "add as a friend" but, instead "a contact suggestion." So for the last 4 years of my life I built a virtual community of friends, subscribers, and like minded individuals, to have it destroyed overnight by money hungry CEO's. Leaving me and many others feeling angry, discouraged, and confused. Why did you decide to remove one of the most important elements of any community? Friendship!
    I guess I should crawl back into bed and pretend this never happened. NO! I will not stand still and watch my work go down in flames. I thought of ways we could rebel, but many had poor outcomes. I thought about making my own video sharing website, but realized the odds I was facing trying to take on a mega site like this. I have heard rumors of a silent "no log in" protest for the 16th of Dec, where for that 24 hour period nobody will log into the site. I however have done rough calculations and have determined that less then 12% of users will actually stand by a "24hour lockout" making it a moot attempt. So what do we do? Or better yet, is there anything we can do?

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